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Unisex Heat Experiences

Enjoy the luxurious range of heat and cooling experiences which cleanse the skin, relax and sooth aching muscles and prepare your mind and body for the treatment experience to follow.

  • Black Diamond Steam Bath
  • Herbal Bath
  • Sauna
  • Whirlpool
  • Ice fountain
  • Relaxation areas
  • Experience showers
  • Foot reflexology



Saunas cleanse and rejuvenate skin. Mental and physical relaxation is also a major benefit of sauna use. In addition, saunas relax sore muscles and help in relieving stress and tension. The sauna also improves one's immune system, metabolic rate and circulation.. Saunas help in burning sizeable amounts of calories. Also, the combination of low humidity and high temperature helps in cleansing ones pores.



There are many benefits of using a Jacuzzi such as relaxation, reduces stress. Improves flexibility and reduces fatique. What better way, when it is cold, than to just warm up in a Spa and equally what better way is there to cool off when it's warm. Whether it is just that very special respite that we all seek in a mind calming way at the end of an exhausting working day or perhaps it is simply just to relax.


Aqua Meditation Room

This room inspires the total relaxation of body and soul. Water-drops trickle. It is deeply calming and inspirational. relaxing music make this a multi-sensory experience.


Steam Bath

A unique multi-experience combining the subtle aroma of herbs with gentle steam, helps to relax the mind, body and spirit. Good as a toxin-eliminator and use with cold shower to raise and then lower and then raise again the body temperature.


Finnish Sauna

Unlike our Tyrolean Sauna this wooden lined cabin. Pour water onto the heated coals. This experience is good for both body and mind.


Ice Fountain

Take handfuls of ice flakes from the fountain and rub them all over the body. The ice stimulates the circulation, the lymphatic and immune systems and is a great stress reliever.


Reflexology Footbaths

A relaxing, effervescent footbath,. Bubbles massage the feet and ankles and stimulate pressure points - just like the pedidarium of the Roman Baths.


Silent Relaxation - Water Beds

Escape to a quiet corner, float your relaxed body on one of our heated water beds and induce a state of complete relaxation.


Scented mist walk

Get totally refreshed with our mist scented corridor, walk through the mist and feel revived and energized. Great to get your day started and feel alive.


Drinks lounge

All refreshments are complementary to Spa members this includes hot and soft beverages.