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We start with an idea, we create a vision, we believe in our vision and we make it happen. We love to learn, to travel, to create, to share our knowledge and move forward, never standing still.
Séan Harrington, Managing Director

Elemis is the pioneering, luxury British spa and skincare brand, proud to partner with over 1200 luxurious spas and salons, 130 lavish cruise ship spas, British Airways Elemis travel spas and over 100 retail stores around the globe.

Elemis treats over 5.7 million people each year and has the single largest influence on trends and developments in the global spa and skincare industry.

The successful combination of powerful natural ingredients, cutting-edge formulation technology and proven clinical trials has enabled Elemis to bring to market some of the most influential anti-ageing homecare products and professional spa-therapies the beauty industry has ever seen.

With every new product launched and every spa-therapy created, Elemis addresses specific skin and body conditions using potent formulations that dynamically treat the skin with powerful results.

From field to face, Elemis scientifically controls every aspect of product formulation, ensuring quality, efficacy and exceptional integrity. From the seeds chosen and the type of soil used, to the selection of extraction process, Elemis ensures that all formulations have maximum therapeutic activity.

Defined by Nature Elemis is committed to understanding the earth’s natural resources. Never compromising on quality and quantity of active ingredients, Elemis’ range can be trusted for integrity, purity and efficacy of its natural formulations.

Elemis products avoid synthetic additives, are not tested on animals and do not contain animal derivatives.

Led by Science By pushing the boundaries of science and using cutting-edge technology, Elemis has made breakthrough discoveries in the field of vitamins, minerals, marine and plant medicinal therapy. This allows Elemis to create results-driven, efficacy trialled formulations to ensure maximum therapeutic activity in every product.

Treatment Led Every Elemis product is created first and foremost for professional treatments. This unique approach guarantees that once launched as a homecare product, it offers the most effective, professional results.

Lifestyle Approach Offering a complete ‘way of living’, Elemis products and spa-therapies are developed with specific lifestyle concerns in mind. Whether for anti-ageing, problem skin, detox, stress management, pregnancy, sports or travel, Elemis products and spa-therapies have a pre-defined purpose, guaranteeing maximum results for every client.


For more information on Elemis please visit: www.elemis.com